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Taylor's Liquid Soap - BAY AREA, CA Blend - 16oz.

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Taylor's Natural Liquid Castile Soap IS the alternative to other liquid castile soaps! Stored in Glass, it is THE most eco-friendly soap out there! This beautiful glass bottle will eventually return to our golden shores as sand! A great alternative to plastic that will never biodegrade.

Stored in glass, made in the Bay Area, CA, USA using Mainland oils and original artwork on label done by a local
San Jose artist! This is the most local, sustainable liquid soap you will find to the Bay Area, CA!

CLICK HERE for our Taylor's Soap "Cheat Sheet"

Use on every day hand & body cleaning!
Customers RAVE about how great it suds up!
Add to vinegar & water for an all purpose cleaner!
A favorite as a baby wash / shampoo!
Taylor's Soap has MANY uses & it's ALL Natural!

Taylor's Soap - Bay Area, CA Blend
16oz Attractive Boston Round Glass bottle with metal cap
100% Plastic FREE! (pump optional: add $0.75)
Great to refill up ceramic/glass hand soap containers!
• Natural - Sustainable - Plastic FREE!
• Natural, Made in the BAY AREA, CA, USA
• Original artwork on label by local BAY AREA, CA artist!
• Main ingredients come USA Grown
• Cleans & lathers great
• Gentle & nourishig to your skin
Most eco-friendly liquid soap out there!

USE On anyone & anything that needs cleaning; from baby to Grandpa, laundry to floors. Body - Hand - Hair - Babies - Pets - Laundry - Dishes - Floors - Counters - Anything that needs cleaning!
CLICK HERE for our Taylor's Soap "Cheat Sheet" for it's Many Uses!

All Natural Ingredients:
All Natural Sunflower Oil from Kansas, USA
Virgin Organic Coconut Oil from Hawaii, USA
Grade A Organic Lavender Essential Oil from Oregon, USA
Distilled Water
(Neutralizer - very small amount; we realize some have concerns for this, but we can assure you that our amounts, along with the soponification process leave NO concerns whatsoever)

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